To be the most trusted orthopaedic center with the best patient experience.


To develop and operate state of the art facility and to provide patients, their families and the community with advanced orthopaedic, trauma and sports medicine service.

About Dr Yasir Khan

Dr Yasir Khan is the founder and CEO of ‘YK Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine and Rehab Center’.

After graduating from King Edward Medical University in Lahore, he went on to study at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. In addition to this, he has gained valuable training and education from the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Spain. He is a highly qualified Orthopaedic, Trauma and Sports Surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Dr Yasir Khan has worked as a Consultant Orthopaedic, Trauma and Sports Surgeon in Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He has keen interest in complex trauma cases and is regarded by his peers as a ‘troubleshooter’, i.e. someone who can bail them out in difficult situations by performing complex surgeries.

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Serving the patients with the most advance techniques and technologies to alleviate their orthopaedic ailments.


The following features make “YK ORTHOPAEDICS” a quintessential choice for the
patients seeking treatment of their orthopaedic problems.

Orthopaedic Team That Focus On Your Needs

When it comes to bones and muscles injuries, YK Orthopaedics Sports Medicine and Rehab Center is a step above the rest. At YK Orthopaedics, our team’s main concern has always been the complete and full recovery of the patient. Our state-of-the-art facility includes the advice and treatment from our highly skilled surgeon and physiotherapists providing the right environment for recovery. Our attention to detail is what makes YK Orthopaedics an ideal choice for your treatment and recovery.

The Ortho Care Rooted In Sympathy

Dr Yasir khan, MD acknowledges the pain and frustration that follows an injury. He approaches each patient individually as if he is treating his own family member that lends him to better diagnosis, better outcome, and overall better holistic care.


More Time for Each Patient

We understand the dynamics of busy clinics. Patients always have a concern about the time spent by the treating physician and they tend to lose that personal touch and end up feeling more like they are in an assembly line.

At YK Orthopaedics, our team spends more time to get to know our patients and really understands their injuries so that the quality of life of every patient is highly improved and makes it a point to treat patients differently than they might have been treated in the past.

Peer Reviews

Peer Testimonial by Dr Arkan Harb from Jordan | YK Ortho | Dr Yasir Khan
Views about Dr Yasir Khan by Dr Aamir Baig from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dr Christos Bissias from Greece sharing his working experience with Dr Yasir Khan

Patient Testimonials

  • Client Image

    It was a really good experience. The team services are appreciable. Keep going good luck!

    • Vishah Rasool
    • Ratings
  • Client Image

    I had a very good experience at the clinic and the doctor was also amazing

    • Dr Ambreen Qazi
    • Ratings
  • Client Image

    1.A good hour was given to me for consultation, covering my concerns,aches , pains and queries. Normally Doctors just see for maximum 15 minutes and prescribe medication. 2. Followed SOPs 3.No waiting 4.Punctuality 5.instant communication on WhatsApp 6. Ultrasound facility on hand 7. Updated with modern technology and their usage

    • Vijanti mala
    • Ratings
  • Client Image

    Masha Allah zaber 10 esy tassli bhaghsh cheek up mene kabi nai dehka tha jo Doctor Yasir ne Kiya

    • Izzat Gul
    • Ratings
  • Client Image

    To be honest, I am very impressed with the whole system, I lived in Sydney for 18 years I have seen there quite a similar way of treating a patient in a clinic I am also very impressed with the expertise of doctor Yasir so I have one suggestion please write on both Doors Pull or Push.

    • Mrs. Shazia Haroon
    • Ratings
  • Client Image

    Alhamdulillah, my experience is more than my expectations, because treatment, care, staff n atmosphere of clinic n the dealing with patient's satisfaction about treatment is tremendous. Good job.

    • Mrs Samina Cheema
    • Ratings
  • Client Image

    An excellent professional approach with outstanding patient care Highly recommend for all types of orthopedic and sports injuries A long-awaited

    • Shahid Abro
    • Ratings
  • Client Image

    Sir apne aik kamzor shakh main jan daldi hay jab tak ye darakht tanawar bana raha ga ap ko duain deta raha ga Sir ap ka staff ka rawaya aisa hay mughe aise lagta hay jese main apne ghar main apne behan bhaiun ka darmian bethi houn

    • Syeda Durafshan Zaidi
    • Ratings
  • Client Image

    Total Knee Replacement". The experience with Dr. Yasir Khan has been excellent. Indeed, the most treasured of the Doctors I have been privileged to meet. Dr. Yasir treated my Mother as if she was a family member during all her meetings with him, before Surgery, and after. The surgery was undoubtedly successful, and the results were as described.

    • Sheikh Aziz Uddin
    • Ratings



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