Heel fractures are very common after car accidents and fall injury. The condition can be a painful and disabling one as it impairs normal walking. Heel fractures according to their severity are treated through different conservative, invasive and non-invasive ways under the guidance of an expert orthopedist.


Concavity of your foot is supported by the Plantar Fascia which acts as a shock absorber while you walk. Inflammation of this ligament is called Plantar Fascitis or Jogger’s Heel which causes pain and stiffness of the lower side of heel specially when you get out of your bed in the morning.

The condition can be really painful, yet treatable. At YK Orthopaedics we have treatment options including the revolutionising PRP treatment which avoids any type of side-effects and produces amazing results.

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Your calf muscles are attached to your heel bone by a tough, cord-like Achilles Tendon which allows you to walk, run and jump safely. This tendon can become inflamed due to prolonged, intense running or jumping, as in athletes, or Rheumatoid Arthritis and infection leading to Achilles Tendinitis. The affected individual experiences pain and swelling on the dorsal aspect of heel specially while walking or running along with stiff calf muscles and reduced flexion of foot.

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Arch of the foot is supported by Posterior Tibial Tendon which if inflamed or torn results in Flat Foot. This can be caused by fall or overuse of the tendon by intense physical activity. Apart from flatfoot, the affected individual experiences pain and sometimes swelling on the inner aspect of the ankle and foot, which may be shifted to the outer side due to turning out of toes and feet.

The condition can be treated harmlessly with the most advanced techniques and can free you from the pain. Contact your doctor for an expert opinion.


Heel fracture malunion (Calcaneal malunion) after improper management of heel fractures and can lead to loss of height of the heel, arch collapse, deformity of the heel, heel widening  and much more.

Fracture malunions need to be treated surgically after a detailed assessment by an orthopedic surgeon. Sign up for an appointment at YK Orthopaedics where we will guide you through the best course of action available for you.

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