Injuries during routine work or road traffic accidents can cause severe bone damage called fractures. The treatment of a fracture depends upon the type and complexity of an injury with which the person met. Fractures need an urgent follow-up and can be treated harmlessly, preventing any further damages. A good treatment under the care of expert physicians can help in giving a quick and complete recovery and YK Orthopaedics can be a promising choice.


Tightness, inflammation, swelling, and dull knee pain indicate Tendinitis or Bursitis.

The affected knee might be difficult to move until after you rest it, as repeated bending or bleeding in bursa can cause an onset of Bursitis symptoms.

Gout is an accumulation of uric acid and affects knees along with the feet, and is a very common disease in our community causing inflammation and swelling. A professional management in earlier stages can help resolve the pain very soon.


Ligament and cartilage injuries of the knees are very common in sportsmen. The ligaments of the knee are torn, often with a popping sound, followed by swelling and immobility.

Cracking or grinding sensations while extending your knee indicates cartilage deterioration.

Both these conditions require medical advice, and as per severity might need surgery.


Sudden knee pain, tenderness, and inflammation can indicate Osteoarthritis which is common in athletes and older people.

Accumulation of infected fluid surrounding the knee joint can cause infectious arthritis which can convert to septic arthritis if left untreated, and is considered a medical emergency.


Meniscal injuries are caused by tearing of menisci (cartilage in your knee). A popping sound after forcible twisting of the knee, followed by sharp pain and swelling plus knee locking indicates an injured meniscus.


Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that causes painful swelling leading to joint deformity and bone erosion. It mostly affects multiple joints at the same time, being an autoimmune disease. The symptoms and signs occur during certain periods called “flares”. However, the mild to severe symptoms completely disappear during the periods of “remission”.

Knowing the early signs and symptoms can help you and your doctor to treat and manage rheumatoid arthritis in a better way.

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