The “Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Therapy” involves healing factors from patients’ own body to treat various disorders of joint tissues.
This revolutionising therapy has countless potential benefits leading to significant improvement in some common orthopaedic conditions like frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome, tendinopathies, knee arthritis etc.
The bioactive proteins present in the plasma initiate and stimulate the healing process in damaged connective tissues.


At YK Orthopaedics high quality extraction kit, imported from the USA is used for the procedure. With this treatment we aim to stimulate the body’s ability to heal chronic joint pain conditions.

The procedure includes the following steps:

  • Blood is taken from the patient and then placed in a centrifuge machine that spins it at high speed to separate the different types of blood cells.
  • The surgeon extracts the platelet-rich part from the blood.
  • This Platelet-rich Plasma is injected into the area of injury.
  • The entire process to prepare your blood takes about 15 minutes and increases the concentration of platelets and growth factors at the site of injury by up to 500%.
  • Hence, the patient has five times the normal number of growth factors at the site of his ailment which significantly improves his pain and cures the condition.


  • Alleviation of Symptoms: Significant improvement in symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation occur with PRP therapy.
  • Wonderful Alternative: PRP Injection avoids the need of long-term medications (such as pain killers and steroids) and even surgery.
  • Recovery Time: The recovery time and suffering is significantly shorter and much lesser.
  • Return of Normal Function: Remarkable return of normal function is observed in most of the cases.
  • Least Risks: No foreign substance, but the patient’s own growth factors from his own blood are used – so there is no risk of disease transmission or reactions.
  • Time Duration: The duration of the treatment is small and merely half an hour where most of the time is taken in the extraction of plasma.
  • Physiotherapy: Post-treatment physical therapy has an important role in gaining the above mentioned benefits. The facility is provided at YK Orthopaedics.


The following complications may rarely occur after the therapy, otherwise it has generally been a successful treatment in most cases:

  • Infection, pain, bruising or inflammation at the site of injection.
  • No or less relief; failure to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Skin discolouration
  • Allergic reaction to the administered local anesthesia.
  • Prolonged stiffness or pain

The doctor after complete assessment of the patient, details him about the possible risks and complications of a particular case beforehand.


Are you suffering from chronic pain conditions of knee, shoulder, hip or heel? Want to know if PRP Injection can alleviate your symptoms and give you a chance of getting back to the normal? Visit YK Orthopaedics to learn more…

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