PRP Injection (Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy) for Knee Osteoarthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Chronic Shoulder Pain, Tendinitis, Impingement Syndromes, and a variety of chronic pain is a latest technique providing promising results to numerous patients globally.

This therapy has countless potential benefits leading to significant improvement in symptoms. A major advantage of this treatment is the use of patient’s own growth factors from their own blood – so that there is no risk of any disease transmission along with avoiding the need of surgery, long-term NSAIDs (Pain Killers) and steroid injections, and remarkable return of function in a much shorter recovery time.

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It is a safe, easy, less painful and minimally invasive method of curing chronic joint pains. PRPs are injected under ultrasound imaging at the exact and ideal point for long term relief. Hence, much decreased risk of complications due to improper placement, as well as a precise administration produces wonderful results for a number of patients.

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Arthroscopy (Keyhole surgery) employ minimal incisions and are generally done as a day care procedure. A small camera is entered into the joint through one small incision and surgical instruments from the other.

A shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, lesser pain, minimal bleeding, and reduced scarring after the operation are the amazing benefits of this procedure.

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Conditions such as Knee Osteoarthritis, Chronic Pain not responding to NSAIDs (Pain Killers) and Stiffness of knee can be treated completely by Total Knee Replacement surgery. This surgery, over the time, has proven to be a game-changer. Providing the patients with a multitude of benefits such as reduced pain, increased mobility, improved quality of life, painless sleeps and even correction of deformities by utilizing artificial replacements of painful parts of  the joint, successful knee replacement surgeries can do wonders to your pain.


Methods including surgical and non-surgical techniques, every fracture is managed differently based on the type of fracture a patient is suffering from. At YK Orthopaedics, we provide adequate management to alleviate the pain of our patients due to fractures, and guide them through all the available  options that can be employed to treat them.

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Numerous orthopaedic conditions require physical therapy as the sole treatment and almost all orthopaedic patients need it post-operatively in order to return to normal mobility.

At YK Orthopaedics, professional and qualified physiotherapists are present at your service to guide you for the best and complete cure of your surgeries and orthopaedic disorders.